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Counselling can be helpful at various times in our lives. Perhaps a decision needs to be reached and the options available would benefit from being talked through with someone unbiased. Alternatively, a change may have already occurred and time to reflect is needed. Occasionally we just need to say something aloud, to be heard, and to have someone bear witness to our experience.

A counsellor's role is to guide this process, while allowing the client to reach an acceptance which is right for them.


CBT is based on the interconnectivity of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and actions. It is an active therapy which requires the client to commit to looking closely at how their thoughts and actions are currently influencing how they are feeling. Changes throughout the week can then be made to reduce the distress. The skills learned in sessions can be valuable throughout life.

Not everyone finds accessing their thoughts easy, and creative methods may be more helpful for accessing these.


Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is a psychotherapy used for helping with experiences of trauma. Memories can be stored with a high level of emotion so that when these memories are recalled, the distress is felt once more. EMDR can help to reduce the heat from the memories so that they become more biographical.

Eye movements were the original sensory stimulation method, however tapping can be equally helpful and the rhythm can be soothing during the process.

The fee for all 60 minute sessions is £70 - payable by BACS.

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